Feeling hopeless? Lost and alone? Thinking about suicide? Wondering what is the point in going on?

At ‘In Charley’s Memory’ we want to help you.

You are not alone, even if it feels like it right now. Many people have felt like there is no point in going on and have thought about suicide as a way to end the unbearable pain they are feeling. However these feelings and thoughts can change. Suicide is a permanent solution to those temporary feelings.

The struggle is real. We are here to help

If you have other concerns with your mental health – perhaps you are anxious or depressed or lacking in confidence – these are all issues that we can help support you with too.

At ‘In Charley’s Memory’ we can help you in lots of ways;

  • We can listen to you – in person, over the phone or if you want to message us.
  • We can offer you FREE 1-on-1 counselling, so you can work through your feelings with your counsellor, in a safe, supportive space.
  • We can offer you various courses and workshops that will help you understand more about your own mental health and how best to support it.
  • We can signpost you to other groups and sources of support.

Please contact us, and give us a chance to work with you and support you.

Things you can do to help yourself RIGHT NOW!

  • Make contact with a friend.
  • Go out for a walk
  • Read a magazine, watch television, do something you enjoy –distract your mind from the cycle of painful thoughts
  • Make sure you rest and eat well, and cut out, or cut back on alcohol and drugs.
  • Give to someone or something – donate to charity, smile at a passer-by, think about volunteering.
  • Keep yourself safe – keep busy, keep in contact with people, get out and about, even though that might be the last thing you feel like doing at the moment.

In an emergency, phone the emergency services on 999